Sampo Rosenlew has purchased the bankruptcy estate of Logman Oy


With an agreement signed at the end of October, Sampo Rosenlew has acquired ownership of the bankruptcy estate of Logman Oy, a Kurikka-based company.

The purchase decision is part of the growth plan for Sampo Rosenlew's harvester business, and is one element of a broader growth strategy.

Customers who have used Logman harvesters for decades comprise a valuable group of forestry professionals with whom we also want to continue cooperation in the future. To ensure the smooth acquisition of the bankruptcy estate, Sakari Leppinen, who has been involved in the story of Logman harvesters from the very beginning, has moved to the service of Sampo Rosenlew. He is stationed at Kurikka. Sakari's contact details: telephone +358 400 669 611, email:


Koneosapalvelu Aliranta Oy (KOPA), which specializes in after-market harvester services, continues to be responsible for spare part services for Logman harvesters. KOPA has service points in Vilppula, Kuopio and Lappeenranta.


The current Logman models will no longer be manufactured. The future will show what elements of the bankruptcy estate acquisition can be utilized and how.


Pori, November 29, 2017


Jali Prihti



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