Combine Harvesters


Long traditions in combine harvester manufacturing

The roots of the Sampo combine harvester are in the 1920s when the first stationary threshing machines were manufactured. The next significant milestone in the history of Finnish combine harvester production is 1957 when manufacturing of self-propelled combine harvesters was started. Today, nearly 100 years later, Sampo combine harvester production continues in Pori.
The Comia and the 3000 range represent combine harvesters designed to meet the modern standards. The Sampo is developed to cope not only with the challenging northern conditions, but also to withstand the hot conditions in the south. More than 80% of the production is exported, and Sampo Rosenlew combine harvesters are used to harvest wheat as well as rice in different conditions all around the world.



COMIA C4, C6 & C8

The Comia represents the top of development in this size. Three basic models form a complete range from which it is easy for each customer to choose a suitable combine according to the needs. The comfortable and practical Premium cabs and modern design make the Comia highly desirable.

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COMIA C10 & C12

Comia C10 and C12 represent modern harvester design and features, which are only available in Sampo harvesters.

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The 2045 has served farmers ́ needs indefatigably for more than a two decades. The range has been sold throughout the world to thresh the most exotic species of plants.




3000 Range

The biggest Sampo Rosenlew machines are found in the 3000 range. Both models, the 3065 and the 3085, represent modern combine harvester development. Large grain tanks, wide cutting tables and efficient engines are very suitable for large farms.

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