Verrato Series



Verrato V4

Verrato’s roots go deep in the dna of Sampo combine. The range has been sold throughout the world to thresh the most exotic species of plants. The feedback received from round the world has helped us develop our combines more versatile and reliable than ever. A host of appreciated properties are combined in this combine harvester – a wide cutting table and threshing unit, a good selection of different engines and a large grain tank.



The superb technology of the Verrato is based on a wide threshing unit, the heavy-duty bolt cylinder with 8 rasp bars and four straw walkers. The combine has a large 3,700-litre grain tank to enable long unloading intervals to increase valuable threshing time. The source of power is a
150 hp 4 cylinder Tier4f or 185 hp 6 cylinder Tier3a Agco Power engine. Tier 3 a engine cannot be sold in EU or EPA emission territories. The transmission is hydrostatic driven.





Cutting header

There are several table widths ranging from 3.1 to 4.5 metres. The table width can be chosen depending on threshing speed or field sizes. Dealers can be consulted about the right width to suit your particular needs.






A table auger with a large diameter feeds the grain efficiently into the combine. The work is facilitated by robust feed fingers throughout the whole width of the table on tables 3.9 metres wide and wider. Reel height is adjusted hydraulically, and reel speed and fore/aft, electrically.


Cylinder and concave

The Verrato model feature a cylinder with a diameter of 500 mm; a heavy-duty cylinder with eight rasp bars. The heavy-duty cylinder, originally designed to be used in maize fields, comes as standard on all models. The cylinder houses eight rasp bars bolted on cast-iron center plates. The cylinder is considerably heavy design, which means that load peaks are hardly noticeable.

A thin wired concave guarantees clean threshing in the most demanding conditions.




The grain pan is equipped with four removable sections. They can be pulled out for cleaning with a special tool which comes with the combine. Verrato model have four straw walkers with four steps. The straw walkers are with removable bottoms, for easy cleaning.

The Verrato come with an adjustable upper sieve. The sieve extension can be chosen to suit the conditions. A standard extension is supplied with every model. The alternatives to choose from include a slope extension and a rape extension. The bottom sieve is of a round-hole-type.



Grain tank

The combine can be equipped with different grain tank options to suit your needs. The height of the cover determines the tank capacity. The smallest tank capacity is 3,700, and the largest 4,200 litres.

The bottom of the grain tank is of a W shape type on every model. This design with the filling auger located in the centre has proved extremely efficient in an even distribution of the grain in the tank. The unloading pipe is sufficiently long. The unloading height is standard 3.4 meters or  you can choose as an option 4 m high.



Special attention has been paid to driver comfort in the design of the cab of the Sampo Rosenlew combines. Driving ergonomics and visibility are extremely good. The driver´s seat has an optimum location to guarantee good visibility ahead as well as over the knife, the table auger and the table corners through the large windows. Each cab features a heater as standard. Verrato is equipped with a SR –standard cab. With hydrostatic transmission model, you control the combine with a multi-purpose lever. The lever includes the header adjustments, lifting the header and reel up and down.



Engine and transmission

Verrato is equipped with efficient Agco Power engine.The power rate is from a 4 cylinder 150 hp, Tier4f. Efficient suction located on the intake air mesh ensures that the large cooling cells are continuously supplied with fresh air. A rotating suction air screen is standard. The combine is equipped with hydrostatic transmission. When the combine is equipped with hydrostatic transmission a 4-wd can be fitted as well. Different tire options are available also, depending of your harvesting conditions.