Localization Possibilities

Sampo Rosenlew Ltd can provide an affordable and exceptional way to purchase and sell always up to date combine harvesters. We are in a continuous search for long term partnerships with companies who have an understanding for mutual benefits of a local manufacturing.



sub-assembled combines

In addition to our ready-made products, we can provide sub-assembled combines. The distinctive advantages of module delivery enables optimized freight costs in containers and fast shipping. Every combine we provide can be produced according to our latest innovations and enhancements.



Work with experienced partner

A local assembly project is always a long term partnership, where both parties are committed to a common project for several years.

During the last six years Sampo Rosenlew Ltd has established new combine factories with local partners in Russia (2 locations), Turkey, Iran, Algeria & Kazakhstan. New factories will be opened within next two years

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Benefit from localization

In co-operation with Sampo Rosenlew a local manufacturer can start its own production operations and as the know-how grows, they can start their own after sales business.

Local manufacturing enables our partner to use local suppliers, labor and finances.




One-of-a-kind deal

Additional to any other combine harvester manufacturer, we don’t only localize assembly, but also localize part manufacturing, welding, machining and even supply management.

Sampo Rosenlew is the only combine harvester manufacturer offering this kind of co-operation.



customized product

Customized Product for your needs

While our combine harvesters were originally designed for the challenging harvesting conditions occurring in northern latitudes, they are equally well suited for use in hot and dry climates. 

Sampo Rosenlew combine harvesters are used to harvest wheat as well as rice or any other crop in different conditions all around the world.




Develop local agriculture

Food security

  - Food price is increasing significantly

  - Secure your local food production

Develop local agriculture and food production

  - Increase productivity

  - Decrease grain losses

  - Develop new agricultural business models



Develop local industry

- Increase level of industrial know-how and machinery

- Develop local agricultural machinery manufacturing

- Employ local people

- Save freight costs

- Reduce costs by using local suppliers

- Build up a local financing system targeted for local products

- Improve after-sales services


Full support

Full support trough the process and further

We provide pre-assembled modules, know-how and education as well as a comprehensive documentation. On site supervision is also available for our partners. Assembling combine from modules on site will help our partner to lower the total costs.

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