Sampo Rosenlew Forest Machines

Sampo-Rosenlew began the serial production of harvesters already in 1997. The SR1046 harvester, designed specifically for first thinning, was the first machine to come out at that time.  The more efficient and powerful 1046X model was introduced to the market already the following year in 1998. The 1046X was used for ten years, until the efficiency and power was yet again increased through a new engine design. The 1046pro, introduced in 2008, increased the productivity of the harvester approximately ten per cent. In 2013, the Sampo-Rosenlew harvester went through a complete transformation. The HR46 model introduced at that time differed significantly from its predecessors both in appearance and technology. Use of shared components with the combine harvesters was discontinued and BlackBruin hydraulic motors, produced by the Group itself, were adopted exclusively into use. With the increase of power and the pump, the productivity of the machine was increased again by 10%. The HR46X, launched into production in 2016 and equipped with a more powerful engine and pump, further increased the harvester's productivity without increasing fuel consumption. The weight and exterior dimensions of the small and agile Sampo Rosenlew harvester designed for thinning have remained the same since 1998, even though the productivity of the machine has increased by nearly 50% during the same time-frame.

In 2015, the FR28 forwarder was added to the Sampo Rosenlew product family. The Sampo Rosenlew FR28 is designed to operate as an powerful work mate for the Sampo Rosenlew harvester when thinning. The serial production of Sampo Rosenlew FR28 forwarders was started in 2016.

Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters have been designed in-house from the start. The leading principle has been to offer customers high-quality products specifically designed for their needs and with features and a cost structure that allows profitable harvesting when thinning. Over 500 Sampo Rosenlew harvesters have already been produced.





HR46x harvester

HR46X is the number one choice for first thinning. Even more powerful than its predecessor, the HR46, the HR46X is now equipped with a larger 140cc pump and more powerful Acgo Power 49 AWF engine. These changes improve efficiency while reducing fuel consumption, which directly results as increased profitability for the business owner.






Fr28 Forwarder

Sampo-Rosenlew has responded to customer demands by designing the FR28 forwarder, which is suited for thinning operations. This 10-tonne load bearing forwarder is designed to complement our harvesters.