500th harvester delivered to Poland


Forest contractor Wieslaw Radomski decided to order a new SampoRosenlew 1066-harvester. The case has special importance since this unit is the 500th machine that is delivered from the factory.

Mr Radomski that operates near Wroclaw started his company about 17 years ago. This was roughly the same time when the decision was made to start serial production of Sampo Rosenlew harvesters.

A lot has happened during these years. The company in Poland has grown from one man entrepreneur offering now work for tens of professionals. In his area Mr Radomski takes care of all practical work – from planting to final felling. The company now has three harvesters and about 10 tractors.

Sampo Rosenlew also has taken steps forward. There are now two harvester models and a forwarder has also been published. There are Sampo Rosenlew forest machines in about 20 countries. Poland has become one the most important markets, where almost 50 Sampo harvesters are working at the moment.

Mr Radomski says it is a pity that the factory people are too busy to join him at his home singing together. This contractor - that even has worked as a professional musician - would like to play the melodies. Fortunately a common tone has been found with Sampo Rosenlew when it comes to forest work.



At the harvesting site from left Sampo Rosenlew representants Hannu Nummelin and Harri Uusi-Rauva, harvester operator, local dealers Andrzej Gudalewski and Grzegorz Jackowski and between them Mr Radomski . The last person on the right is State Forest area manager.

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