The FR68 forwarder is a completely new machine model. The machine is meant for later thinnings and final cutting, where great capacity is required from the machine.

Mažiausias svoris 18 000 kg
Keliamoji galia 14 tn
Kranų pasiekiamumas 8 - 10m
Variklis 170 kW


Robust chassis, modifiable load space, crane according to client’s needs

The frame construction follows the same strong construction as the HR68 harvester’s. The machine has 8 wheels, and its weight distribution when loaded is optimal. The wheel size is 26.5 inches, and the features of the machine can easily be modified by choosing different tyres.
The load space is available in two different lengths. However, real flexibility is provided by the adjustable width of the load space. This is done by turning the stakes of the bunks mechanically inwards or outwards. Simple and effective.
There are several crane options available. Power and reach according to need. The same client-oriented selection of grabs ensures that the machine is suitable for use on different jobs all around the world.

Transmission and motor

Driveline, clear and reliable

Power is provided by a 6-cylinder AGCO POWER 74AWF diesel. Its maximum power is 170 kW. Naturally, the motor fulfils all of the latest emission regulations. 
The transmission is identical with the HR86 harvester; a hydrostatic-mechanical transmission made from known components and heavy-duty axles. 
The chassis and the transmission together make for a machine that is carefree to own and use.


Rotating cab, as the operator requested

The FR68 forwarder has a rotating cab. This feature significantly improves visibility of the working area. It has an immediate positive effect on the operator’s comfort.
The cab rotates hydraulically and it works automatically with the possibility to adjust the cabs position in relation to the loader’s turning. The operator can, of course, manually intervene at any time.
The automatic air conditioning naturally comes as standard in this modern machine, and the cab fulfils all official safety regulations. 
A less strained operator achieves better results.

Load space and crane

Reach, in every direction

Even though mostly short fibre timber is collected when thinning, longer lumber can also be transported. The forwarder is available with load spaces in the lengths of 3.8 and 4.4. metres. The hydraulically adjusted partition adds to the usability of the load space when loading timber of various lengths.
The FR68 forwarder has a loader with a 10-metre reach and which has been specifically designed for thinning. A low centre of gravity improves lateral stability and visibility. A scale is also available for the loader. In addition to determining the amount of timber, it also helps prevent overloading.


Easy maintenance points

The many details of the FR68 forwarder that add to its maintenance-friendliness are testimony to the long machine building traditions of SAMPO ROSENLEW. One of these features is the vacuum pump. It prevents oil leaks during maintenance or hose damage.  The operator can activate the pump using the ignition key as soon as they detect the leak. No oil is wasted or leaked into nature.
The hydraulic operating pump keeps dirt from getting into the system. During scheduled maintenance or when otherwise adding oil, it is pumped through the return filter. This feature is relevant for the cleanliness of the system.