Sampo Rosenlew Ltd has been operating on the same plot at the heart of Pori for over 150 years. The roots of its industrial operations go back to 1853 when the family company Oy W. Rosenlew Ab was founded. Sampo Rosenlew was founded in 1991. Today the company is known worldwide for its high-quality combine harvesters and forestry machines.

The manufacture of combine harvesters began in 1957. The company has delivered more than 50,000 combine harvesters to approximately 50 countries during 60 years. Its key market areas are the Nordic countries, Europe, North Africa and the CIS countries. More than 90 per cent of its products are exported.

Sampo Rosenlew invests in product development and is constantly looking for potential new markets for its products. Customized concepts are available for the developing countries. The company has assembly plants in North Africa, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, where the frames imported from Finland are turned into a complete combine harvester using local workforce. Exporting knowhow will of course be followed by subcontractor networks specific to the target country in order to address component and spare part needs.


Sampo Rosenlew is flexibly capable of addressing global demand. In future, growth can be expected in the developing countries that have faced climate change, a natural catastrophe or war and in where securing food production requires light-weight but efficient solutions. Countries whose recovery depends on global financial support are interested in simple, basic agricultural machine versions.   Thanks to our flexible, customized production, we are capable of addressing challenges and creating effective solutions for all conditions. Testing the products in real-life conditions is an important part of targeting sales efforts. Domestic grain species growing in clayey soil are harvested using different machines than rice and sugar cane growing in the wet fields of Asia. Country-specific customer wishes are more a rule than an exception.

Forestry machines were included in production in addition to combine harvesters in the late 1990’s. Sampo Rosenlew specializes in forest thinning solutions. Several customer feedback surveys and the company’s own tests indicate that thinning has important economic and forest management benefits when carried out using machines specifically designed and manufactured for that purpose. Forest owners in Europe have already understood this for a long time, and now the trend can also be seen in North America.  

Sampo Rosenlew employs approximately 250 professionals from different fields in production, product development and service duties in Pori. The company recognizes the importance of committed, motivated, competent personnel, who can never be completely replaced through production automatization.