COMIA 2ROTO hybrid

A SAMPO ROSENLEW hybrid model, in which straw walkers have been replaced with two rotors. Over 30% more threshing efficiency when compared to the C12 model.


We have the widest and most quiet cab in its size class on the market. The air suspended seat that comes as standard and the large open space. There are many things that make a long day of threshing a delightful experience.

2010 Plot combine

The Sampo Rosenlew 2010 is specially designed for experimental fields and seed breeding.


The 2000-series has served farmers ́ needs indefatigably for more than a three decades. It can harvest any crop with the right setting, a true all-rounder.


Verrato’s roots go deep in the dna of Sampo combine. The range has been sold throughout the world to thresh the most exotic species of plants. The feedback received from round the world has helped us develop our combines more versatile and reliable than ever.


The HR46x is the most reliable, environmentally-friendly and economical harvester for first thinning of young forests all around the world.

FR48 forwarder

The popularity of the FR28 forwarder quickly led to inquiries after a slightly larger machine. And so the FR48 forwarder was born. This FR28’s big brother has a payload of 12 ton.

FR28 Forwarder

FR28 lightness, the large turning angle and many other features make it a technically and economically superior choice for thinning and harvesting on soft ground.