HR86 Forest Harvester

For thinning old forests and final cutting, a midsized harvester. With high-quality and cost-effective, for professionals

Katso video
Waga 21000 kg
Zasięg żurawia 10,3 - 11,1 m
Silnik 195 kW


Robust chassis structure, good stability

The HR86 is made to last. The robust chassis structure together with the tried and tested bogie axles form the base for this 8-wheeled harvester. The machine weighs about 21 tonnes, which combined with the right weight distribution makes for a very stable machine even when reaching far. The wheel size is 26.5 inches available in varied widths.


Reliable power train

The AGCO POWER 74 LFTN 6-cylinder diesel with a maximum power of 195 kW was chosen as the motor based on its suitability and past positive experiences. As usual, the motor provides power for two hydraulic working pumps and a drive pump, which in turn operates the drive motor of the hydrostatic-mechanical transmission and then the bogie axles through the transfer box and prop shaft. Tried and tested technology, which is familiar to all machinery professionals.


Work longer in a rotating and self-stabilizing cab

The cab of the HR86 harvester rotates. It enables good visibility to the work area at all times without having to “peek” past obstacles. The excellent visibility also enables high-quality cutting, which benefits all parties. The cab rotates hydraulically and it works automatically with the possibility to adjust the cabs position in relation to the loader’s turning. The operator can, of course, manually intervene at any time. 
The cab of the HR86 harvester is also self-stabilizing. This feature, which is realised using hydraulic cylinders and stability sensors, keeps the cab straight even on slopes, which makes working more pleasant, ergonomic and therefore less straining. 
The automatic air conditioning naturally comes as standard in this modern machine, and the cab fulfils all official safety regulations. 
A less strained operator achieves better results.


A precise and strong crane, the whole reach is usable

The HR86 harvester has been equipped with the mighty Mesera 240H motion crane. Its lifting moment is a whopping 240 kNm and its turning moment is 54 kNm. The compatibility of the cranes geometry and hydraulics makes its use easy, pleasant and precise. 
The crane’s placement on the front frame in front of the cab does not inhibit working or visibility to either side, and its tilt function ensures that there is enough power also for use in sloping terrain.
The crane is available with reaches of 10.3 and 11.1 metres, depending on the chosen harvesting head.

Harvesting head

The right harvesting head for the right job

The harvesting head can be chosen based on the main size of the trunks or based on forest type. At this time, options include the Kesla 25RH-II and 27RH-II harvesting heads, the former of which is suitable for thinning and regenerative felling of forests with smaller trees and enables a loader reach of 11 metres.  The larger Kesla 27RH-II has been designed for bigger jobs. In these cases, a 10-metre crane is an adequate and more functional choice.
Both harvesting heads are known to be durable, precise and are widely used around the world. They have been developed further along the years together with clients and base machine manufacturers.

Measure computer

The measuring computer ensures a high-quality result

Because the needs of clients vary, the Technion measuring computer we use, can be equipped with software of different levels. If there is a need for functions that require PC-level performance, a computer is connected alongside the actual measuring device. This way, a possible malfunction of the PC won’t hinder the use of the machine. 
All necessary functions are available with the measuring device, such as:
- Trunk cutting optimisation
- Harvester head control, monitoring and fault diagnostics
- Work time monitoring
- Wireless transfer of production data