Felleskjöpet starts to import Sampo-combines to Norway

Felleskjøpet becomes sole dealer of SAMPO combine harvesters in Norway

(Pori, 12.11.2020) SAMPO enters a partnership with Felleskjøpet as the sole dealer for the Norwegian market.

SAMPO ROSENLEW has a long tradition on the Norwegian market and is one of the most popular combine brand in Norway. In order to secure full product line offering and excellent customer service SAMPO enters a collaboration with Felleskjøpet.

– With Felleskjøpet, SAMPO has found a perfect partner for our products in Norway. Felleskjøpet, with its large distribution channel and expertise in the machine market, has a unique contact with the Norwegian farmer. Together with Felleskjøpet and our combine harvesters, which are perfectly adapted to Scandinavian conditions, we complement each other particularly well. This collaboration will further develop the market for the benefit of the Norwegian grain producers, says Karl-Wilhelm Hundertmark, Director Sales and Marketing in SAMPO.

– We are very happy to expand our product range of combine harvesters through the agreement with SAMPO. Now we can offer combine harvesters for all needs of the Norwegian farmer which are perfectly adapted to the Scandinavian topography. The new partnership with SAMPO allows us to serve the Norwegian market like no one else can do, says Frode Dahl.

Felleskjøpet has an extensive business throughout Norway and is a cooperative owned by 44,000 Norwegian farmers. The company is the market regulator for grain in Norway and shares a special dedication for the country’s grain production together with the farmers and has a long experience of sales and maintaining combine harvester.

Once the agreement is in effect, Felleskjøpet will offer workshop services and spare parts delivery to SAMPOs combine harvesters. The agreement with SAMPO will be effective from December 2020.

For further information, please contact:

Kim Döfnäs, Area Manager +358 40 7541 763

Karl-Wilhelm Hundertmark, Director Sales & Marketing +358 40 6744 4302

About Felleskjøpet:

Felleskjøpet has a turnover of 16.2 billion NOK and 3,676 employees (2019) and is the biggest supplier of animal feed, equipment and technology to Norwegian farmers. Felleskjøpet’s business also include property management, bread and baked goods, equipment for parks and facilities as well as feed and equipment for pets. Felleskjøpet is a cooperative owned by 44,000 farmers. Felleskjøpet is the market regulator of grain in Norway. Felleskjøpet’s main goal is to help strengthen the owners’ finances in the short and long term.

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