FR28 lightness, the large turning angle and many other features make it a technically and economically superior choice for thinning and harvesting on soft ground.

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Minimaalne kaal 13 000 kg
Kandevõime 10 tn
Kraana ulatus 7,2 - 10m
Mootor 140 kW


A strong but agile frame

The FR28 forwarder is generally used for thinning young, dense forests. These demanding jobs require special features. This machine combines small size with an ideal weight distribution between the front and back axle. All this combined with frame steering with a turning angle of 45 degrees makes for unique agility. 
The big increase in harvesting done on soft soil and the challenging harvesting conditions created by global warming have created completely new requirements for forwarders. The FR28 has received a reputation for fulfilling these requirements. If other forwarders cannot do the job, the FR28 is called in to help.

Transmission and engine

All wheel drive

The FR28 forwarder has a hydrostatic-mechanical transmission. The drive pump operates a mechanical gear box through the drive motor. The transmission axles distribute the power to the front and back axles. Drive can be locked between the front and back axles, and also between the right and left side of each bogie. Using the NAF bogies, a continuous 13 ton drive power delivered by 8 wheels can be created.
The power is provided by a Tier 5 Agco Power 49 LFTN common rail diesel, which has been manufactured at the motor factory in Linnavuori, Finland using decades of experience. This low-emission motor is made economical by its low fuel consumption and long service intervals.  The maximum power of the AGCO POWER diesel is 140 kW and its torque is 700 Nm.


Safe and spacious

The cab is spacious and quiet, ensuring the driver’s efficient working. It naturally fulfils all safety regulations. The cab has been especially designed for use in thinning dense forests, where the remaining trees must not be damaged. The significance of visibility in these jobs cannot be overestimated.
The FR28 forwarder has many details, which make the operator's work easier and add to their comfort. One such feature is e.g., automatic air conditioning. This way the operator can work in comfort even during long shifts in the forest.


Working comfortably

Clear visibility has been the focus of the design. The post of the crane is very narrow and does not hinder visibility towards the work area. The windows, which extend low, ensure excellent visibility e.g., of the tyres.

Low revs, intelligent hydraulics and high-quality noise insulation ensure that the cab is amazingly quiet and comfortable. It holds many details that enhance the comfort of the operator, such as a cooled lunch box and an oven for heating up food.

Load space and crane

Reach in every direction

Even though mostly short fibre timber is collected when thinning, longer lumber can also be transported. The forwarder is available with load spaces in the lengths of 3.8, 4.1 and 4.4. metres. The hydraulically adjusted partition adds to the usability of the load space when loading timber of various lengths.
The FR28 forwarder has a loader with a 10-metre reach and which has been specifically designed for thinning. A low centre of gravity improves lateral stability and visibility. A scale is available for the loader for weighing the timber that is to be transported. This also enables weighing the amount of energy timber and can help prevent overloading.


Easy maintenance points

The many details of the FR28 forwarder that add to its maintenance-friendliness are testimony to the long machine building traditions of SAMPO ROSENLEW. One of these features is the vacuum pump. It prevents oil leaks during maintenance or hose damage.  The operator can activate the pump using the ignition key as soon as they detect the leak. No oil is wasted or leaked into nature.
The hydraulic operating pump keeps dirt from getting into the system. During scheduled maintenance or when otherwise adding oil, it is pumped through the return filter. This feature is relevant for the cleanliness of the system.