Verrato V4

A good, basic and cost-effective alternative for farm work. A strong combine harvester with a frame and with tested technology.

Katso video
Skjærebord 3,45 m
Korntank 3 700 l
Motor 4 -sylindre 150 hk AGCOPower Tier5
Klimaanlegg standard
Slager 8-slagjern HD
Tømmehastighet 55 l/s
Halm risterer 4 stk.
Halm kutter 3 300 o/min
Fremre dekk 520/70R34
Bakdekk 360/70R20


Standard+ cab, back to basics

Clear visibility to the cutting header is important. This can easily be concluded from the cab of the Verrato. Through the straight glass surfaces of the windscreen, you are able to see the corners of even large cutting headers, and the view to the feeder auger is uninhibited. Using the sturdy hydro drive handle you control the direction of the machine’s harvester and the movements of the cutting header and the pick-up reel. The cab’s seat has good adjustment options and an armrest. The combine’s other settings are performed using a clear instrument panel. The concave can be stepplessly adjusted.

Cutting table

Tested technology

The Verrato combine harvester can be equipped with several header widths. A header size that suits various needs and field sections is available for all farmers. The cutting header widths start at 3.45 metres and go up to 4.2 metres. An even feed is vital to achieving an optimal threshing result. The large diameter of the feeder auger used in the Verrato header prevents entanglement in even the most demanding conditions. All header and pick-up reel functions on the Verrato are controlled electrically from the cab. Header reverse is also controlled by an electric motor.

Threshing mechanism

Efficient threshing mechanism

The 50 cm diameter and 111 cm wide threshing cylinder separates the grain easily and carefully.  The Verrato's concave is specially designed for grain harvesting. The concave wires are designed thin for accurate threshing.  
The largest shaker shoe area in its size class provides clean grain in all conditions. The total shaker shoe area is 3.40 square metres. The chaffer sieve is of the modern lamella sieve type. On the RV2 lamella sieve, every other lamella is bent down to efficiently prevent straw fragments from entering the grain tank. The grain sieve is of the hole sieve type. The Verrato model has four straw walkers, with four steps.

Transmission and engine

Power and efficiency

The Verrato is equipped with a 4-cylinder AGCO POWER engine and 150 HP. The engine fulfils the latest Tier 5 emission standards. Drive power transmission is hydrostatic and the sturdy final drives ensure forward drive. The Verrato can also be equipped with 4-wheel drive and differential lock, if needed.


The undisputed leader on the market regarding the cleanability

Thanks for the technical solutions, the SAMPO ROSENLEW combine harvesters have always been easy to clean. For example, the grain pan can be extracted and the straw walker bottoms can be removed. Although the same features may be included in other makes, Sampo has implemented them so that you do not have to carry out cleaning in your . Instead, you can clean them on the field and save time. In the Verrato model, all of the grain tank augers can also be removed.
A good basic combine harvester for threshing even large areas. A compact combine harvester built on the Comia series frame.